Ping Zhu

So I've found myself with some time to kill so how about I share someone with you? Meet Ping Zhu. Ping came into my life due to her amazing print of dogs all going for a walk, a piece I couldn't shake from my memory for months. 

I'm pretty sure a friend of mine has a print of her's up on their wall. We're all canine obsessed and I'm more than happy for my love for all things dog shaped to seep into my illustrative interests too. 

Ping is from Brooklyn and is obviously infinitely cool. Not only is her work that includes animals full of texture and movement but it's also full of super cool girls, athletes and even musicians. 
I mean, I don't see too many illustrators churning out pictures of dance acts and Florence and the Machine. 

While I've only shared a few of my favourites which are more to the point, her work also often has an interesting conceptual twist. 

Ping seems to have worked with everyone from the New York Times to GQ and I can't wait to see what she does next and you should feel the same way. Check out her "zoo" here on her website and on her tumblr.


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